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I can actually really see jack as a hufflepuff,…

I did consider this “What house is Jack in” quite a bit.

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A Day Job is Not an Art Crime




While I don’t want to be the voice of reason that buzzkills your art dreams, the fact is few people can make a full- time living in this business. Fewer still can sustain a long term career in the creative arts.

It’s hard to know when to let something go. Or when to keep pushing through.


A full time art job is hard, scary and can be completely fucking heartbreaking at times. For all the people who want to do this for a living and make it their end-all, be-all ultimate goal- it is probably not the fantasy you are envisioning in your head.
I could go on forever on the harsh, terrifying realities of earning an actual sustainable living doing this but i really don’t feel like reminding myself of how tired, isolated and stressed I am most of the time in order to make it work. I love what i do but…. I’m very, very lucky i got this to be a thing.

A day job is not an art crime, guys.

Important for recent grads, and not so recent grads.

Best Hufflepuff friends ever.



Sorry. I just… Madoka feels run deep in me. Guess I should put a tag on my sidebar for all my Madoka PMMM stuff *heavy breathing*

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morning peeps @ v @ ;;;


Magic spectral kid goes to school, aces his classes, gets into trouble, bleaches his hair after his good friend’s hair goes all old man after said friend falls into a frozen lake and nearly offs himself. Is pretty good at Quidditch I assume? 



The new ED for Free! is already enough alone to make it Anime of the Year 2014. 

Today’s warmup and accumulation of much Diablo III feelings over the male demon hunter (I am working on another piece of fanart for that gorgeous bugger but that will take a while. Like that Katherine one. Or that Toothiana one. I think I have a Nightlight prompt somewhere too.. I need to play less D3).

Oh and also I found a WONDAFUL bunch of male demon hunter centric fanfics and I just had to draw that ONE scene in this chapter where the poor Scoundrel realises he totally had the hots for Mr McRagey McBroody McPewPew there. 

Pink Dot 2014! It was hella sweaty and cramped but still awesome.



Nightwing (x)



Juliet. 1877. Thomas Francis Dicksee


Jana Schirmer

nightlight with 4. please *-*


Oh you are evil to give me that particular palette. Evviiillllll!